CLASS 3 - Road user scooters, extra distance, hill climbers,more comfort and luxury!


Compact 8mph Scooter with The Style, Quality and Features of Larger Breeze S Models.

The Breeze Midi brings you a host of high quality features and equipment including all round suspension, a fully adjustable, rotating seat and an adjustable tiller to allow everyone to find the perfect driving position for all-day comfort.

The delta handlebars have speed control levers on both sides and are designed to give forward and reverse control using fingertips or thumbs of either hand. All other functions are operated at a touch of a button, illuminated battery condition indicator shows battery charge and a handy high/low switch allows the Breeze Midi to be operated safely at 4mph on the pavement or 8mph on the open road.

Other standard features include front and rear lights and indicators, alloy wheels and large pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride, twin rear-view mirrors, integrated front basket and rear seat pouch, a high level charge socket, horn, hazard warning lights, an audible reversing warning and an emergency disk brake for added safety.

Key Features:

  • Polished aluminium wheels with large pneumatic tyres.
  • Clear and intuitive control panel for all functions.
  • Full suspension all-round.
  • Fully adjustable and rotating 18-inch seat for easy on and off.
  • Integrated front basket and rear seat pouch as standard, range of additional storage options available


 It is amongst the most stylish and advanced mobility scooters in the world, taking inspiration from the motorcycle industry when looking at suspension and manoeuvrability. This scooter has a robust rear wheel drive system which will ensure that you have one of the smoothest drives found in the scooter range. The instrument console is second to none and will display all the real time information you should need- speed, time, temperature, how far you have travelled and the remaining battery life- all to add to peace of mind whilst out enjoying your mobility scooter. Speed control levers on either side ensure full control and you can even set the speed limit to a suitable speed when on the road or pavement.

The LED lighting system is modern and bright, yet uses minimal power and the Vita S model even has these as tinted- stylish and eye catching! The model is sleek and stylish and the on-board computer ensures your safety with smooth pull aways and emergency breaking - there is even a power cut out should the scooter need to be stopped in an emergency. The leather racing seat- which is an upgrade on this model- gives full support and comes with an adjustable backrest, armrest and headrest- your comfort is assured with this scooter. The black rim alloy wheels ensure even the bumpiest of terrain is no problem with the Vita Sport.

Key Features:

  • User weight - up to 28 stone
  • Maximum speed up to 8 mph
  • Adjustable tiller
  • Stylish and advanced
  • Black alloy wheels
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Packed with safety features
  • Rear storage pocket
  • Anti-tip wheels
  • Onboard computer gives real time readings
  • Heavy duty 50 Amp batteries - for a range of approximately 20 miles
  • Ergonomic control levers
  • Emergency braking system
  • Cup holders
  • Super bright tinted head lights, indicators and hazard warning lights
  • Energy saving mode
  • Fully adjustable racing leather seat


The Vita Midi 4 is unlike any other compact mobility scooter available today. As with all Vitas from TGA, the Vita Midi utilises engineering techniques from the motorcycle industry, incorporates state-of- the-art styling and has all round suspension with a revolutionary rear mono shock absorber. It provides comfort for an owner weighing up to 135kg (21.3 stone) and has a top speed of 12.8km/h (8mph) which is delivered by a powerful 500w transaxle motor. As the chassis is more streamlined and the turning circle has been reduced to a mere 1200mm (47"), it provides superb manoeuvrability around town and boasts a 35km (22miles) range with standard 50a/h batteries which is impressive for such a compact scooter.

It's dynamic looks and stunning alloy wheels are perfect for end users who prefer a vehicle that does not resemble a traditional mobility scooter and makes a unique visual statement when driven. The new Vita Midi 4 encompasses a full lighting kit for maximum safety with high visibility, long life LED head and rear lights along with indicators - all of which use less battery power and hence improve efficiency.

The deluxe orthopaedic seat and enhanced LCD tiller are both fully adjustable so optimum ergonomics are achieved for every user along with easier access on and off the scooter. Controls have been enhanced for the simplest operation and the striking, unique body mouldings are available in Metallic Red or Graphite Grey.

Key Features:

  • Compact chassis for fantastic manoeuvrability around town
  • Market leading reliability and build quality
  • Up to 21 stone / 135kg user capacity
  • The smoothest ride available through revolutionary shock absorbers
  • High visibility LED lights with clever low energy usage
  • 8mph (12.8km/h) top speed with range of up to 20 miles (32.1km)
  • Powerful 120amp controller
  • Orthopaedic, swivelling and fully adjustable seat provides all day comfort
  • Choice of Graphite Grey or Metallic Red colours
  • Supplied with Powerful 50ah batteries
  • Revolutionary rear mono shock absorber
  • State-of-the-art digital controls for ease of use